Summer :D

Okay , so including today , i only have three more days of school . Then its summer , baby !! =D Im super excited to be able to sleep in and not have to be anywhere . Although , i do hae to go to summer school for Health and P.E. =\ But that only lasts two weeks , which really isnt alot to me . Im excited because Im going to be fifteen this summer ,s o i can start taking drivers ed . And im going on two Road trips , which are always fun as long as me , my mom , dad , and ssiter goof around some . We are going to southern indiana i the beginging of july and Florida at the end of july up til the begining of August .  The bad thing about this summer is going to be that i wont be able to see alot of my friends because im not going back to the same school . Its “hello” to a new high school , and im kind of scared being the “new meat” and all . But i already have a couple of peopl i know there so it wont be as bad .


Adrienne =]

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