Book Review (Language Arts)

“War Comes to Willy Freeman”

The Book !

“War comes to Willy Freeman” was written by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. The book is about a black teenage girl thats living through the American Revolution. It tells of her journey and the obstacles she has to over come in order to find her mother and keep her secrets under wraps.

The Review !

The book was pretty good. Not saying its the best book ever, because in my opinion its not. Im just into more of the science fiction, fantasy and love story books. But for historical fiction, it was pretty good. The begining was a little boring, but most books are like that, because you need all the background information and stuff. The ending was alot better because the action picked up and Willy and Horace had a little “thing” going on. 🙂 The best part in the book was where Willy and Horace were at the lake and Horace wanted Willy to swim (more like skinny dipping) with him, but he thought she was a boy. It was pretty funny …  Over all, the book was good and i enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would.

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Adrienne =]

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