B-Ball game !!!

So, last night i went to a Ball State basketball game with my family. It was alot more fun than i thought it would be. One of the best things about it was when we got our seats. THEY WERE AMAZING !!! We were in the second row and i could see all the players faces. Also, all the players looked sooo good !(with the exception of two.) The other good part was that i got to sit by my mom during the game. I swear, she is the 47-year-old version of me. We were cracking jokes alot of the time. One of the funniest moments there was involoving the little girl that my mom sat next to. Fisrt we were laughing extremely hard because her butt was hanging out of her pants. After a while were just watching people so that we could make fun of them … we looked at the little girl beside us and she started picking her noes too ! Oh, and then she wiped it on her pants. It was HILARIOUS !!!  In the end, Ball State (Cardinals) lost. The score was 67-72.


Adrienne =]

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