This morning =)

Okay… so this morning was kind of wierd since i have not ben to school in almost a week. I got up earlier than i normally do becasue i was pretty excited to get out of the house ( I was at home sick for 2 days.) I did my regular morning routine (brush teeth, shower, dry hair, style hair, put make up on, put clothes on…) but i did it a little faster than usual. Even though i got ready a little bit quicker, i was still kind of late for my bus, and my sister’s.  Our buses are exactly the same except for the numbers and the names on the side. My sister’s usually gets there first and they park it on the side fo the road. So when we got out there this morning and there was a bus parked on the side of the street and one that just pulled in, i got on the one that just pulled in. I got on and it wasnt my bus. At first i just thought that we got a new bus route and i was the first stop, because there was no one else on there. It was my sister’s bus. Imagine if i stayed on and i just kept thinking it was just a new bus route… who knws where i would be.



Adrienne =]

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