Valentine’s Day :\

*Sigh* … Valentine’s Day really sucks in my opinion. Its evolved into a holiday all about love, couples, and candy. I mean, the candy part isnt too bad, but i didnt get any this year anyway.  It all really sucks if you dont have a significant other to share it with…. but whatever, right?  Its like a big “in-you-face” holiday. For the people that are single around this time, it like a huge reminder that you dont have that “specail someone.” And if you do have one… well then, more power to ya !!! Even though i dont really have someone, i really like this guys ( im not going to say his name) but he makes thing some-what better, whether he knows it or  not. Im not positive that he likes me…which is extremely irritating, because i think he acts like it sometimes. Anyways…. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !!! 😀



Adrienne =]

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